Important:  Please read through these instructions carefully.   Send any questions you might have to the Group Administrator.
  1. Test candidates request to join the project by filling out a brief form (see button on home page).
  2. The group administrator will coordinate the candidates submission of their pedigree information, liability release, and approval for information release (see online submission form on our home page).   The Group Administrator can advise the candidate on the potential benefit of their being tested or answer any other questions regarding the project.
  3. After the above information is received by the group administrator, the instructions will be provided to the test candidates to order their DNA test kit from FamilyTreeDNA, the testing service being used by this project.  Following the link provided by the administrator, a THOMAS ORDER FORM page will appear on which the order is placed to FamilyTreeDNA (credit cards accepted).  It is highly recommended that candidates purchase the Y-DNAPlus 25 Marker Test.   Do NOT use the standard order form on the FamilyTreeDNA web site, as it does not give the surname study discount. 
  4. Using the test kit, the participant scrapes the inside of their cheek with two toothbrush-like scrapers, and then inserts the scrapers into tubes with fluid designed to arrest bacteria growth.
  5. The participant also completes the FamilyTreeDNA release form, allowing the results to be provided to the group administrator as well as themselves.
  6. If the participant has approved the release of their DNA marker results, the information will be added to this web site, along with interpretation of how it relates to other participants.


A tutorial on preparation and planning DNA testing is presented by Family Tree DNA on their website.