Submission of Test Results from Companies
other than Family Tree DNA


Those participants testing through Family Tree DNA do not have to submit their results.   They are automatically forwarded to the study administrator when you become a member of this study.  Entering Family Tree DNA results on this page will not cause them to appear automatically on this web site.   Display of the data is controlled by the study administrator based on your Participation Agreement selections.

However, those who have not tested with Family Tree DNA can still have their results included in this study by manually submitting them using the form below.   The results you enter will be emailed to the study administrator.   Note that you can also upgrade your test by submitting results to Family Tree DNA, along with another sample, to have a more complete set of results (relative to this study) provided automatically to the our study administrator.   Contact this study's administrator(s) if you have any questions (

 Be sure to complete the other forms under the Join Us section:  Request to Join, Participation Agreement, and send in your pedigree information.

Instructions for completing the form:

Look at your testing results and identify those markers (loci) which match markers listed in the form below.   Then enter the values (allele) reported to you in the respective boxes on this form.

Be sure to enter your email address and name.

E-Mail Address
Haplo code
The following table shows the Locus designations used in the Thomas DNA Study. Enter your Y-Chromosome allele value for for those loci designations which were included in your test.
Loci DYS# Allele Loci DYS# Allele Loci DYS# Allele Loci DYS# Allele
19 385a 385b 388
389-1 389-2 390 391
392 393 395 S1a 395 S1b
406 S1 413a 413b 425
426 436 437 438
439 442 444 446
447 448 449 450
454 455 456 458
459a 459b 460 464a
464b 464c 464d 464e
464f 464g 472 481
487 490 492 511
520 531 534 537
557 565 568 570
572 576 578 590
594 607 617 640
641 CDY a CDY b GATA-H4
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